Influencing the influencers
I am motivated by constant learning
and establishing challenging goals for myself.
Professional Career
I have had some interesting career exeperiences and acomplishments
HPU Spotlight
HiPo Program
  1. 10+
    Years Experience
  2. 86
    Technical Presentations & Training Sessions Conducted
  3. 1
    Outstanding Contribution to a City Award
  4. 2
    University Degrees

Improving Consistently

Positively Optimistic

Leading By Example

Always working on personal attributes
Upbeat outlook on business and life
Focused to finish goals while assisting  others
Developing Performance
Management of Sales Revenue in Division
N.A. Mgmt of Sales Revenue in Division
Increased Average Plant Profit Margin
1st Q Product Focus = 2015 Product Sales
Final Admixture Total Sales Growth
Effects of Personal Encounters 
  1. Trust
    Customers trust what I have to say and want to do more business, even though I turn them down. A quick sell will reward my pocket, but a solution will reward your relationships long term. I have had a couple situations when I could sell a product but gave them the best solution instead.
  2. Adaptability
    In a previous position, the company let go of several employees. I had to learn multiple job titles to become more valuable to the current company. Also, I consistently altered my approach when influencing contractors, engineers, owners, and customers.
  3. Blame
    Nobody can blame others that better opportunities do not just appear, you have to better yourself on a daily basis. This was a difficult lesson I learned early in my career.
  4. Landlord
    Owning two rental properties can be a blessing and a curse. When the phone rings and it is the tenant, you immediately think the worse. You have to make the best decisions quickly for them, just like my customers. You want to keep them happy.
  5. Conflict
    Experienced expert for concrete shoved me into a sand pile, because I told him that we have tried a couple things he suggested and we should try xyz. I brushed off the sand, looked and said I can help you or I can leave. He apologized, then ended up using my suggestion.
  6. Sports
    Sports teach you the daily grind required to be a valuable employee within a business. Tearing my ACL revealed that you can’t plan for everything. I had to learn my new role on the sideline and prepare to help my team when I was ready. Overcoming the injury ahead a time, my first play was a INT.
  7. Coach
    Coaching requires patience, preparation, educating, and listening. Teaching basketball, kickball, and soccer to children is truly rewarding, because witnessing them gain confidence and improve is incredible.
  8. Acceptance
    I was told that I was different or weird by teachers and friends. Being accepted into graduate school and then doctorate school helped me understand that it doesn’t matter what others think.
  9. Tension
    Was the deciding vote, as a freshman, to remove 15 fraternity brothers to advance according to our standards and future of the chapter. During the next election I was elected as President to run the chapter for two terms.